Classes beginning on April 16th

Tony Fiorda of di Sogno photography has begun teaching his first of a series for photographers wanting to improve their skill.  An Introduction to Digital SLR Photography and Creating Better Photos, begins on April 16th. The class will be held on four consecutive Tuesday’s from 7pm to 10pm. Registration begins now and the class is already starting to fill.

Atlanta professional photographer, Tony Fiorda of di Sogno Photography has been working his magic behind the camera for over thirty years. As a hobbyist first, who later turned professional in 2006. As a professional commercial photographer, he has mastered the art of turning ordinary images into works of art. Capturing images of offices, products and even executives are easy, but making them attention grabbing is where the real photography skills come into play. Tony is known for his talent in giving his photos that “WOW” factor. Now he is offering his advice and knowledge to others photographers in the Atlanta area, who want to know how.

Everyone wants to be able to capture those once in a lifetime moments in their lives, either at weddings, on vacations, new babies or just time with family. If those moments captured by your camera are flat, or not near as impressive as actually being there then sign up to learn how to make them better. This class is for anyone who has gotten their first Digital SLR camera and still trying to figure out how to capture the image they see in their mind. Tony will be demonstrating the technical power and flexibility of the DSLR camera. Composition and technique are just as important and will be covered from Tony’s experience.

“Capturing the beauty in everything and even making it better is my passion! I love taking pictures!” says Tony. “Constantly learning how to take better and better photos is what keeps the experience new and exciting every time I get behind the camera.”

Find out how to take photos like a pro. Get the camera out and get ready for an adventure with Tony Fiorda of di Sogno Photography on April 16th.

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