The Power of an Image

Believe it or not, images speak.  They can say many things and be very powerful.  An image can say “I want you!”, “I’m in charge here!” or “Come on in, we’re glad to see you!”  It takes a collaboration between the subject and the photographer to create an image that says the right things.

When Pierre came in to the studio for his executive portraits, he had a challenge for me.  He wanted images that were friendly and casual but conveyed a tone that said “I’m the expert.”  As a successful franchiser, they had to convey his friendliness, approachability and confidence; images that could be used in magazines and newspapers or in corporate communications.

By finding a pose that fit the criteria and having him change only his expression we captured images that expressed those messages.


Successful people like Pierre come to me for their images because they want them to say many things and I can help them create the images that express exactly what they want say.

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