I can hardly wait!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday and aren’t too stressed about being in the Christmas season and all that brings.  For me, it’s almost here and I can hardly wait.  No, I’m not talking about Christmas like Alvin, Simon and Theodore; I’m talking about teaching the Introduction to DSLR Photography and Creating Better Photos course starting tomorrow night (11/29).  As a reminder, it’s a total of 12 hours training for $149.00 and spans four nights over two weeks, Tuesday and Thursday of each week.

I’m gathering the presentation, the textbooks, the projector and screen and even a lot of my equipment in one place so I don’t forget anything.  I’m really looking forward to meeting all of the attendees in the class and being able to transfer knowledge and techniques that will help them understand their camera and create better photos.  They’ll get a lot of information each night and go home with a 70 page book that can be a reference for the future.

Yes, there’s still time to register if you or someone you know would be interested, and yes, it will be repeated after the first of the year for those that might be getting a new camera from Santa!  So, as far as the course is concerned, hurry fast cause I can hardly wait!

p.s. I promised not to tell who, but I know there are some LUCKY folks out there because Santa has already picked up some tickets for next years classes to hand out as gifts.

Ho! Ho! Ho!


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