Gather Round Your Troops!

Hello everyone!  I’m doing something special for our military members this year and you can help me.  I want you to imagine what it must be like to be in the military and stationed overseas – far from your family and friends during the holidays and unable to get home.

Now imagine with the press of a button ‘teleporting home’ and being surrounded by your friends and family, seeing their smiles and reveling in their holiday greeting to you by watching it come to life as a 360° virtual tour.  Don’t you think that’d be a great feeling?

I’m joining other professional virtual tour photographers who are creating special holiday greetings for our military.  I’m looking for families and friends of soldiers, sailors, marines or airmen who would like to create a special greeting for their special someone at no cost to them.  I’ll post it on my hosting site, and they can then send their special soldier a link to view their personal holiday greeting.

If you know someone who would like to create one of these greetings, please pass my card or connect us in an email; I’ll take it from there.


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