A little teaser…Depth of Field

With the questions I’ve been getting about the introductory photography course I teach, I thought I’d start giving a little teaser from time to time and share some of what is covered in the course.  So here’s the first one!

Depth of Field

Without a focus, we drift around not being very successful at anything we may do.  The same is true for an image, without a focus, the viewer doesn’t know where to look and the image isn’t very successful.  Depth of Field (DOF), defined as that part of an image that is acceptably sharp, provides creative control over what is in-focus or not in-focus in the image.

The figurines in these images are twelve inches apart and by changing the aperture to control the DOF,  the photographer can isolate individual figurines or have them both in-focus thereby controlling the focus of image and where the viewers attention is going to stay.

This is just one of the many tools students in my Introduction to DSLR Photography & Creating Better Photos class learn to use.  So if you or someone you know would like to learn more about photography, check it out by clicking the above link.

That’s it until the next time!

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