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We are asked all of the time “How can I take pictures like yours?”  As a professional photographer, we have learned a lot of tricks and tips to getting that perfect image.  We decided it was time to share this knowledge.  So, we have added several options from downloads to hands on classroom instruction and personalized training to our services.

Classroom Training – Introduction to DSLR Photography & Creating Better Photos

We have created a four day training seminar that will teach all the aspects of taking a great photo with a DSLR camera.

A Digital SLR camera can be intimidating and very confusing to figure out alone.  This class will shorten the learning curve and get you out taking photos like a pro in no time.

What will you learn?  How to use more of your camera’s capabilities.

What is covered?  Technical aspects such as aperture, shutter speeds, ISO, white balance, focus modes, and depth of field.  Lens choice and their effects, so you know what lens to use when.

What about photo taking techniques?  We will cover photo composition and photo taking techniques used by the pros.

What do you do with the images once they are taken?   Once you have an image, we will show you what works best based on how you want to use the image such as print media, digital media and even portraits.


One On One Personalized Training Options

We are offering private lessons for those wanting to take their skill to the next level.  Learn how to take photos in a studio, on location or just out in nature.  Pick your setting and pick your topic.  We will help you reach your goals.  Call today to set up your next lesson with a professional.  To schedule your lessons, visit our one on one training information page to find out how.

We want to help you meet your goals and hone your skill!

Training Manual for Digital Photography and Taking Professional Quality Photos:

This instruction manual is meant to be used to teach beginners how to use their Digital SLR cameras.  It is the same material covered in the hands on workshop.  It is meant to help provide advice at any time that you are either out on a shoot and don’t know what lens to choose or just simply at home wanting to learn more about your camera.

The first and second sections cover common camera features and functions and the basic technical aspects of photography such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, focus modes, depth of field, lenses and their effects. The third section is a guide on how to compose perfect shots and some techniques used by professionals to turn your normal images into “sensational” images.

Get your copy today for only $7.00 as an electronic download:

Digital Photography Training Manual

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