Planning your shoot –

Memorable portraits take careful planning.

Having never been behind a camera, how are you supposed to know what to choose for your photo shoot.  Clothing style and colors, background harmony and careful selection of props are all important to a portraits’ success.  These are the reasons you hire a professional.  It takes years and a certain eye to know what works or doesn’t in a photo composition.

Simplicity and communication with your photographer are key.  We have provided some guides to help plan for your next photo shoot.  We want to make sure every image is perfect, so we will plan every detail for you.

Scheduling Your Session and Consultation

During this meeting we will spend time getting to know each other.  We will discuss your goals for the photography sessions and mutually set expectations.  With your goals in mind, we will craft a session that meets these goals.

Color choices can be discussed, so you can make the right clothing choices to make your photos POP!  See our downloadable guide on how to choose the best clothing.

We will schedule time to tour the studio.  The goal is to make you familiar with the equipment and everything that will be expected the day of the shoot.  After everything has been reviewed, we are ready to discuss the schedule for your shoot.

Day Of Your Shoot

D-day has arrived!  We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes early so you can de-stress before getting in front of the camera.  Want some advice on how to accessorize and fix your hair?  We have provided a downloadable guide on what works best, accessories for a photo shoot.

Once everything is set and in place, the photo shoot can begin.  We will help you with any arrangements and will instruct you through the entire process.    You just need to sit back, relax and let the us take control.

Are there going to be children in your shoot?  Read our guide on “Tips for Great Child Portraits“.

See what the experts have to say with the printable guides below:

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