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Copyrights –

There is a lot of confusion about who owns the copyrights to photographs taken of you. In general, Federal Copyright Law states that the photographer owns the copyrights to the images they create. This means they have the exclusive right to make copies of your images. But, since they are images of you, you control what they can do with them.

The photographer may wish to use your images for self promotion, on a web site, in a print display, for contest entry, in advertising pieces for their studio or many other uses as they may come along.  In order to do so, the photographer obtains a signed release from you allowing these uses of your images.  This is normally done at the time the images are created.

The reverse is true if you wish to have additional prints of your images or if they are to be used for any type of business or advertising.  You will need to return to the photographer for additional prints, or obtain a license from the photographer that would allow you to legally print copies or use the images they created for you for commercial or advertising use.

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